MMiX.Me is Secure


Access to the web site has been promoted to HTTPS! This ensures that all your interactions with us are encrypted and safe. Have you tried out our free software yet? You can download our popular 3D music player or try out the navigator tool that lets you discover the stars of the Milky Way. There’s also an online tool that demonstrates how seemingly random changes can lead to order: Evolutionary! lets isolated populations of colored blobs move around and multiply, changing color as they do. However because there are selective forces in play, and because the populations are separated, after some time it becomes apparent their collective colors drift toward some random hue.

Biological Evolution Made Simple


In an attempt at visualizing how random changes can generate new species, I have made Evolutionary!  It really is the simplest possible way (IMHO) of demonstrating how changing genetics has a profound effect over a long period of time.  There is very little scientific rigor used, for example, my definition of DNA and genes, and so on is vague, and I am not basing this on anything that has with “allele frequency” to do.  This is simply an experiment you can run in your browser that defines a sort of genetic system, and applies the basics. They are random mutations, passing on genes from two parents, and optionally, an additional selection pressure, called natural selection.


The MMiX.Me Music Player in 2016


Hi All, mmixLinus here again!

So, admittedly, it’s been a while since the latest version of MMiX.Me Music Player was released, and it’s definitely time for something new!  If all goes well, I should be able to post a new version by October 2016!  This version, which I probably will call 0.3.0, will contain

  • Radio streaming by SHOUTcast (Loudcity is discontinued)
  • Easy to research albums, artists and music stations
  • New layout
  • New 3D viewing shapes

If you’d like some specific feature, please drop us a line!