Resources and Libraries

This page is a list of links to some of the libraries and resources that MMiX.Me uses. It is not a list of copyrights or licenses. Enjoy!

Ogre3D an Open Source 3D Graphics Engine by Torus Knot Software Ltd
CEGUI Crazy Eddie’s GUI System, by Paul D Turner and The CEGUI Development Team
FMOD Sound System by Firelight Technologies Pty, Ltd
Awesomium embedded web browser by Khrona LLC
Loudcity for Internet streaming stations list
Code2000 Unicode font by James Kass
TagLib by Scott Wheeler
Lua by Tecgraf, PUC-Rio.
Crystal Clear icons by Everaldo Coelho

CEGUI Skins included:

CubeLook by Niklas Dahlquist/MMiX.Me based on KORE by code2, Florian Egerer
EmberLook by Erik Ogenvik, The Worldforge project
GlossySerpent by Augustin Preda
GWENLook by Christopher Johnson
TaharezLook by Lars Rinde
WindowsLook by Paul D Turner

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