MMiX.Me 3D Media Player on Linux

There is no Linux version of MMiX.Me yet, but…

To our knowledge, it is possible to run MMiX.Me under the Linux emulator for Windows (“wine“). So far, we know that it works fine in wine under Ubuntu 10.04.  Suggestions are:

  • Get the latest “wine” and “winetricks” packages
  • Make sure wine can make proper use of system audio: “winetricks audio=alsa”
  • Make sure your internet options for wine are correct (for album art searching)
  • You may need some further internet searching to get everything working
  • In MMiX.Me we have found setting “OpenGL” as rendering system works best under Linux

Please tell us what your configuration is.

And let us know about further success stories (or otherwise) running similarly, on Linux or Mac/OSX computers!

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