First time installation - Getting started!

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First time installation - Getting started!

Postby mmixLinus » 31 Dec 2011, 00:00

After installation, the two things you will want to take care of are:
1) Point out which Media Folders to scan, and
2) Find album art (covers) to suit the folders or albums (thought not necessary to play the music).

If you haven't run MMiX.Me before, you will be prompted to add Media Folders that you want to include in the media library. Otherwise you can press the Settings icon in the top right corner, go to tab "Player" and click Media Folders.

Once MMiX.Me has finished its scan of available music, the default view is to show "Folders" in the "Wheel". If you're running for the first time, you will probably have very little (if any) cover art - most albums will show as '?'. To start a fully automatic Internet search-and-download for cover art, go to Settings, the "Player" tab, and press "Download Album Art". Only albums without album art will be affected. If you have very many albums, this operation is going to take quite some time, also depending on the speed of your Internet connection. As searching is performed, MMiX.Me will automatically select what it considers the best choice.

You can also search manually for a certain album. Left click on the album, and press the "Globe" button. Edit the search string and press enter. Quite promptly, you should see several image thumbnails above the album, with "best" choice to the left. Left click on any thumbnail album art to select it. Turn the mouse wheel to leave the closeup view.

That's it! :)

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